Nintendo Switch Portable Game Case Holder


A 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Game Case! Carries up to 8 games in a compact and portable way!

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  • 3D printed in very high quality Silver PLA Plastic!
  • The case can hold a total of 8 games, with both sides being able to hold 4 games each!
  • The case measure in at 5.25″ x 0.625″ x 1.75″!
  • This case is really nice for when you want to travel with your games! It can also help keep your games in one place while at your desk!
  • The case has a really nice lid that can be easily opened and closed!

Please note that there might be some slight imperfections with the product due to the 3D Printing process.

Note: The coin is only for size comparison and is not for sale!

Credit: Magno on Thingiverse.


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