DIY Fingerboard Mold 40mm Wide Silver PLA Plastic


A 3D Printed DIY Fingerboard Mold used to create custom fingerboards!

Here is a Video showing how to use the mold.

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  • 3D printed in very high quality Silver PLA Plastic!
  • The mold is 145 mm long and 40 mm wide with locator pins!
  • The mold can press 34-35mm wide boards with ease!
  • No Pins are included with the mold!
  • Makes for a wonderful gift!

Technical Specs:

  • Nose: 21.5 Degrees
  • Tail: 19.5 Degrees
  • Concave: 1.836 mm deep (for 32.5 mm wide decks)
  • Wheelbase: 58.5 mm (2.3 in)

Please note that there might be some slight imperfections with the product due to the 3D Printing process.


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