CGC Card Stand for CGC Graded Trading Cards


The best way to display your CGC Graded Cards! Designed to fit CGC Slabs at an angle!

New Slabs: 7.6mm*

Old Slabs: 6.7mm*


Beautifully display your CGC encapsulated cards with our 3D Printed stand! Simply insert the CGC Slab into the stand and display it on a desk or a shelf! Custom designed to fit CGC encapsulated trading cards with ease and at an angle! Made with an eco-friendly White or Black PLA Plastic!

This stand is able to display any card that has been graded by CGC, such as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! You are able to insert the slab with the sleeve or without both fit great!

The card is shown for demonstrative purposes it is not for sale.

Please note that these stands only fit CGC slabs, they won’t fit PSA or BGS!

All of our items are made and shipped from the USA!

There might be some imperfections with the product due to the 3D Printing process.

# of Stands

1 Stand, 4 Stands

Slab Size

New, Old


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